Caddy Badge (NT Only)

What does a Caddy badge allow?

Each MPO and FPO player will be issued a single Caddy badge. This badge can be assigned to a single support person or caddy who will walk with and stay within close proximity to the assigning player. The caddy/support person must wear this badge around their neck. Caddy/Support persons must follow all caddy rules when on any course during the DDO. These rules are as follows:

  1. Caddy/support person must wear a mask the entire time they caddy or provide other support. The only exception to this rule is when the bearer is eating or drinking.
  2. Caddy/support person must maintain appropriate social distancing from any other players, other caddies, or media members on the course (6 feet).
  3. Caddy/support person must behave professionally, not disrupting the regular play of disc golf.
  4. Failure to comply with any of these rules will lead to immediate dismissal from the course and the Caddy badge’s forfeiture.

The Caddy badge gives the bearer no additional privileges outside of a caddy/support person’s benefits during tournament rounds and during any practice rounds played by the assigning player. The Caddy badge does not allow any parking privileges. The Caddy badge does provide access to the Jones Gold shuttle and entry to the Country Club throughout the week if the purpose is to be with their assigning player during a round of golf. The Caddy badge does not allow the bearer to spectate outside their assigning player’s round. If a caddy/support person wants to spectate before or after the assigning player’s round, they must purchase a Spectator badge each day they wish to spectate.

The Caddy badge allows for special discounts at local businesses with specials for caddies participating in the DDO.

Caddies are allowed during the A-Tier and ancillary events w/o a badge. All caddy rules must be followed as indicated above.

It is everyone’s responsibility to have the appropriate badge necessary on their person. Do not lose or forget your badge. If a badge needs to be replaced, there is a $100 fee for the replacement badge. The $100 replacement fee applies to everyone involved in the event, from the players on the lead card in MPO and FPO to paid spectators.

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