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Country Club Seeing Big Changes for 2019

Emporia Country Club Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open Disc Golf Tournament

We can’t believe that the next GBO is only about four months away, and in order for us to pull off such a big event each year, months and months of planning and preparation are a must. To this end, we’ve been evaluating the current course layouts and thinking about how we can make changes to better improve flow and the overall experience of our players.

The Country Club Course is primed and ready for some major changes come 2019, and we wanted to give competitors a heads up about what’s taking place. While some holes, including 9 and 17, will see new anchors for additional pin placements, other areas of the course are getting a more major overhaul. A 20’ tunnel will be carved in the woods on hole 10, and a new hole will be installed between what’s currently holes 12 and 13.

The Biggest Change Of All…

Perhaps the most major difference players will see during next year’s Glass Blown Open are the addition of new concrete tee pads. Eric McCabe has been heavily involved with the changes and elaborates a bit more on what’s happening, “One of the biggest changes to ECC for GBO 2019 is the tee pads. Not only are we pouring 13 new tee pads, including 7 short tees, but we’ve also added an extra 4 feet to the existing tees making everything uniform! Two other big changes on the course are to holes 8, 9, and 10. Hole 8 now will play to hole 9’s basket position turning these decent holes into one very exciting par 5!”

Ultimately, there were several reasons that we’ve decided to make these changes. Events Coordinator Doug Bjerkaas explains how these modifications will make future events even more optimal:

“These changes are based on two goals. First, we want to continually improve the course. Each year, we hear valuable feedback from both players and fans regarding the courses we use for the event. This feedback, along with the extensive course design experience that Eric McCabe brings to the table, has resulted in what we believe is a better course than last year.

One of the most obvious changes players will see in 2019 is that all of the tee pads will be concrete, stand along pads. Players will no longer be teeing off of cart paths and sidewalks at the course. Secondly, we have reunited the MPO and FPO fields into the same pool this year and wanted a course that could support the needs of both divisions. Several holes will have multiple tee pads allowing for a fair and challenging course for both the professional men and women competing in April of next year.”

Everyone at Dynamic Discs is so thankful to the Emporia Country Club for letting us continue to improve upon this amazing course. We look forward to seeing all of you at GBO in 2019!

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