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Dynamic Discs offers volunteer opportunities at the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open, allowing people another way to be involved with the event!

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All volunteer descriptions and information can be found below. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Scarlett Lowery, at scarlett@dynamicdiscs.com!


One of the benefits of volunteering on the course is a front-row seat to the tournament! Course tasks include spotting, crowd control, scoreboard carriers, and playing tee-off songs. All course support tasks involve fair to considerable amounts of walking and being outdoors for an extended time.


Course Prep: Involves a considerable amount of walking. Tasks could include but are not limited to mulching around tee pads, putting up feather flags and signs around the course, and assisting with flagging OB lines to ensure the course is ready for tournament play.

Course Teardown: Taking down canopies, feather flags, and signs. Pulling OB flags. Returning items to tournament central to be packed up after the event.

Spotter: Spotters assist with the flow of the round. They can help direct players to discs faster when they are hard to see and mark discs in the

general area where they went out of bounds. An understanding of disc golf rules and protocol is preferred.

Warm-Up Area Monitor: Maintain player privacy by keeping spectators and non-competitors out of the Warm-up Area, calling out throwing and retrieving times to ensure player’s safety, ensuring the warmup flow goes smoothly, and checking badges.

Live Scorer: Your phone will be required. Scorers will take the score for the players on a card and follow them (on foot) for the whole round (18 holes at Champions Landing).

Gatekeeper: Spectator areas are roped off to help us separate crowds from the players. There are areas where players need to walk through the spectator areas. Gatekeepers man these areas to allow players to pass.

Course Support: Course Support could consist of carrying signs and scoreboards, holding “QUIET” signs, assisting tournament directors with miscellaneous tasks, and keeping the crowd back during tournament play. An understanding of disc golf is preferred; most of the shift will be walking. *This task will be given on-site on the event days when needed, as they are not needed all day. There is no specific signup for this task.

**All these tasks occur at the Champions Landing (formerly the Emporia Country Club) on the Disc Golf Course.


Volunteers helping off the course are just as important as those helping on the course. The shifts include assisting with tasks such as Field Events, Player Check-In, Player Meeting Set-Up and Teardown, Block Party Set-Up, and Teardown. The tasks for the shifts could include light lifting, some lifting of boxes, a fair amount of walking, and delivering lunches.


Player Check-In: Tasks include setup, teardown, and assisting with checking in of players.

Block Party: Tasks include setup, staffing, and teardown. A fair amount of walking and lifting will be required for setup and teardown. Staffing will require monitoring fence entries and exits.

Spectator Gate: Scanning or taking tickets, passing out badges and additional items, and monitoring spectator entrances.

Parking Gate: Monitor entrances, check badges, and direct people to the correct lots.

Gates: Check badges, direct people to parking lots, open and close gates, and move barricades.

Setup and Teardown Tasks: A fair amount of walking, prepping stages, moving tables and chairs, moving fences, and other tasks related to prepping or cleanup.


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Thank you to all the spotters at the Dynamic Discs Open. Remember to have fun and enjoy your front-row seat. Spotting is the most fun you can have on the course besides playing. It is also a great way to improve your game as you see how players with different skill sets try to conquer the challenges that a hole presents them with. Enjoy doing a good job at spotting, and you will have a great time!

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