Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does registration open for the Dynamic Discs Open? 

A: Registration for the DGPT event and the Amateur-only A-Tier opened on Tuesday, January 11th at 5 PM Central. 

Q: Why did the dates move?

A: The event is now a part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. 

Q: What happened to the age-protected pro divisions?

A: Since we are now a DGPT event, we have rules and guidelines to follow. The criteria to run a DGPT event allows for an associated amateur event alongside the DGPT event as long as it does not interfere with the main event.

Q: Why is the A-Tier smaller?

A: To accommodate the growing trend of increased spectatorship and comply with the guidelines for running associated amateur events in conjunction with DPGT events, Dynamic Discs decided to reduce the size of the A-Tier. 

Q: Will there still be activities to do during the week of the Dynamic Discs Open?

A: The traditional activities such as the Flex-Start C-Tiers, the Pro Panel, Block Party, Bonfire, and Poker Party will all continue. We anticipate these activities will generate the same excitement and fun they have always had in the past! Check out our Event Schedule for more info.

Q: Will there be spectating opportunities?

A: Yes! Spectator passes are available for purchase for all four days of tournament play. In addition, spectators will participate in all off-course activities scheduled throughout the week. 

Q: Are there only two spectator options? 

A: Yes. You can purchase tickets to the Jones Park Supreme 18 Course or to the Emporia Country Club. There are no one day passes. More information about spectator options can be found here.

Q: What courses are we using for the A-Tier?

A: Peter Pan Park DGC and the two temporary courses at the Municipal Golf Course, the Physics of Flight and Handeye courses.

Q: Why are you changing the Jones Park courses? 

A: After using Jones Gold for the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open, we discovered the course would not be appropriate for Pro Worlds as we initially assumed it would be. While Jones Gold is a fantastic course, the design was limited by only using the existing tee pads and pin positions. Starting over and using the whole park as a blank canvas has allowed for a better design and a more challenging course for the world’s best players!

Q: What does this mean for Jones West and Jones East?

A: Jones West and Jones East will stay in the ground until the new 18-hole course is ready to play. Once the new course is installed, we will pull East and West from the park. The new course will stay in the ground as the primary course at Jones until Pro Worlds is complete in September of next year. Eric McCabe is working on a redesign of both East and West that will return the courses to play after Worlds. We are not 100% sure what the updated East and West courses will look like, but they will utilize some of the new pins and pads. We are super excited about this project!

Q: Will there be Dye Academy Classes again?

A: Yes! More information is coming soon.

Q: How do I know if I am moving up the waitlist? I know there is a waitlist people can check, but how will people be notified if they roll off the waitlist to be a player.

A: The registration page at discgolfscene.com will have the most up-to-date waitlist information. If your spot comes up, you will receive an email letting you know you register for the event (from discgolfscene.com).

Q: I am on the waitlist. What is the chance that I will get into the event?

A: History has shown that close to 20% of registrants will cancel their registration before the event. Although this is not the case for every division each year, this is a reasonable “frame of reference.” History has also shown that about half of the folks on the waitlist accept the spot when it comes available. The 2019 GBO broke new ground with waitlists the size they are in some divisions. Time will tell what the trends are for this year’s event. Please consider spectating or volunteering!

Q: I have signed up for one division but want to play in another division, and it’s full. Can I sign up for both? If so, will the money I pay for one registration be refunded if I get into the other?

A: Yes, you can register for two divisions (as long as one is on a waitlist). You will need to sign up and pay for each division entry as separate transactions. Once your spot comes up on the waitlist from the division where you started, don’t hesitate to contact us at events@dynamicdiscs.com. Dynamic Discs will fully refund your entry fee from the other division. If you are still on the waitlist at the time of the event starting, you will also receive a full refund of the entry fee from the waiting list division.

Q: What are the rules for an A-Tier Event?

A: Check out the PDGA Competition Manual here.

Q: Why did Dynamic Discs change the event’s name from the Glass Blown Open to the Dynamic Discs Open?

A: In 2020, we made a change to the name of the tournament. While Emporia is widely known for glass blowing, it is even more known for disc golf. Therefore, Dynamic Discs decided the Glass Blown Open would be known as the Dynamic Discs Open moving forward. Though the name changed, the player experience and tournament atmosphere you love are not going anywhere. We will continue to try to raise the bar year after year. Dynamic Discs is proud of the Glass Blown Open of years past, and excited for the Dynamic Discs Open of the future!

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