Parking Plan + Shuttle Info

Parking Plan for the Dynamic Discs Open

The parking plan for the Dynamic Discs Open is in place for Friday, June 16, through Sunday, June 18. Updated info is coming soon!

DGPT Competitors (FPO + MPO)
FPO and MPO fields may park on side streets near the Country Club, but not on W. 18th Ave., in the National Guard Parking Lot (behind ECC Hole 1’s basket), and the top lot at ESU near the tennis courts. We will have 6-person golf carts going back and forth between player parking areas and the ECC entrance. These parking lots are within a 3-7 minute walk of the ECC entrance, so the golf cart ride will be quick.

Parking Maps
View the map HERE!

Spectators can park in surrounding parking lots and city streets but cannot park inside the venue. Updated maps and info are coming soon!

Parking Location Schedule + Maps
Friday, June 16 thru Sunday, June 18 – ESU Lower Lots, Hammond Park, and city streets 

Staff and volunteers can park inside the Emporia Country Club gate. At the Emporia Country Club, please park in the lower west parking lot near the cart shed or spaces designated by the parking lot attendants. Follow signs.

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