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10 Things to Prepare for The Glass Blown Open

Glass Blown Open Awards Ceremony
  1. Extra Suitcase
    • To take home all of the clothes, discs, and goodies you receive at GBO.
  2. Anemometer
    • To accurately gauge the ever changing wind speed and direction on the courses at GBO.
  3. Box of Tissues or Two
    • To mourn the loss of your favorite discs in the numerous water holes at GBO.
  4. Swedish & Finnish Dictionaries
    • To converse with your new international friends in their native tongue.
  5. Bib
    • To catch the drool from your mouth as you walk through the Dynamic Discs Warehouse to hot stamp your tournament disc.
  6. Photo Directory
    • To remember all your new Disc Golf friends you made at GBO.
  7. Unique Club Disc
    • To Finja the Finja
  8. Scuba Gear
    • To retrieve discs lost in Olpe Lake
  9. Extra Vacation
    • To have time to be able to play all the course in Emporia
  10. Thank You Cards
    • To give to Jeremy, Doug, Dixon, Bobby and the DD Crew for hosting an amazing Disc Golf Experience.
    • To give to the city of Emporia for embracing GBO and all the disc golfers like family.

Brent Sickel
Team Dynamic Discs
PDGA #54924

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