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Memories or Regret, It’s All Up To You…

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It’s hard to believe that 2015 is coming to an end. October is almost over and the holidays are right around the corner. Time seems to go faster with each passing month. One minute you are knee deep in snow, praying for summer. The next minute those summer months are gone. The leaves that were once freshly budding signs of warm weather are now announcing the coming cold with a wild show of color. When we look back at this summer, we’ll think of two things. The things we did and the things we wish we’d done. We’ll remember the great rounds we played and the times we spent with friends. We’ll remember the tournaments we played and the trips we took. We’ll also remember the trips not taken. The rounds not played. The vacation days not spent.

Dynamic Discs Emporia Disc Golf Store

Dynamic Discs Emporia

When we talk to people about the Glass Blown Open, we see those same two perspectives. One group reminisces fondly about the amazing week they spent in Emporia, KS. They talk with bright eyes and growing smiles about the new friends they made and the amazing time they had. They grin widely when recalling the first time they walked into the disc golf mecca that is the Dynamic Discs Retail Store.
The other group of people talks about how they desire to have gone. They talk about friends that went and how they wish they would have attended themselves. They speak intently of their plans not to miss it in 2016.

One of the great things about the GBO is that people come back year after year. It’s like coming to visit the family you only get to see once every twelve months. Another one of the great things is that the very first year you go, you are welcomed into that family with open arms. You are made to feel like you’re a part of something special… Because you are.

A huge number of people will be making every effort to attend the Glass Blown Open in 2016. Past players will be coming back. Players who missed out will be sure not to miss out again. Even with a capacity of over 800 people, registration will fill up. And it will fill up faster than you think. We’d love to be able to welcome every disc golfer who wants to attend. Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of space and a limited amount of courses. Will you be in the group creating a memory you’ll have for the rest of your life? Will you become a part of the GBO family? Or will you be in the group that wishes they had acted faster? In 2015, the waiting list was over 200 people long and most of those people did not get in.

Time is flying by. Remember how quickly winter turned to summer and then to fall?

The only way to ensure you don’t miss out is to act fast. Registration for the GBO will open in October and November. It’s not a marketing tactic or sales pitch when we tell you that it WILL fill up fast. Last year we filled 4 weeks after opening registration. A little over 900 available spots were taken in 30 short days. It will happen even faster this year.

We want to see you at the GBO. We want to welcome you to one of the premier disc golf events in the world. We want you to be part of the family.

Whether you are there or not is now up to you.

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