Radius Brewery Co. Glass Blown Ale

Glass Blown Open Ale at Radius Brewery

Radius Brewing Company has brought back the very popular Glass Blown Ale and the commemorative beer can style pint glass which includes both the GBO and Radius logos. In 2015 this one of kind souvenir sold out very fast. This prompted Radius to produce more for 2016. Please be sure to check your players pack for a voucher that you can take to Radius and use to get a free glass with any purchase.

The voucher will only guarantee you a glass up until 11PM on Friday, April 29th when Radius closes.  Supplies are not guaranteed after Friday, April 29th.  Any glasses that have not been claimed by players using the voucher will go on sale to the public on Saturday, May 30th.  Radius Brewing is open from 11AM to 11PM everyday of the week!

Radius Brewing Company is located at 610 Merchant St., Emporia, Kansas.

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