Local Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open?

Whether you are a local business that has sponsored our events in the past or a business that wants to support our event for the first time, we have some great opportunities!

Our intent in seeking local sponsorship is based on two goals.

The first is simple: we want the DDO (formerly the GBO) to remain the premiere disc golf event on the tournament schedule every year. One key ingredient to maintaining our position at the top of the list is having the budget to pull off all of the great on-course and off-course activities scheduled during DDO week.

The second is even more important: we see folks travel to Emporia every day of the year to experience disc golf in Emporia. These visits are no longer limited to only the weeks during which we host events. Countless disc golfers have shared with us that a trip with their buddies to Emporia is an item on their bucket lists. Emporia did not establish this status overnight. The peculiar thing about this – for them, it’s not just about playing disc golf. It is about experiencing Emporia. We want Emporia to continue to be a disc golf destination all year long!

It is true that Emporia has great disc golf courses, hosts great tournaments, is home to Dynamic Discs, and is located in the heart of the United States, but this is only part of the draw. The rest of the formula involves how much Emporia has become a “disc golf” town. Businesses have disc golf stickers in their windows. Restaurants have disc golf baskets on site. Bars have discs for sale. The CVB uses disc golf as one of the cornerstones of attracting visitors to Emporia. Emporians see disc golfers, and they engage with them. This complete embrace of disc golf has created a place that disc golfers have to experience.

Your support is critical to keep this going!

So what can you do?

Advertise in our Digital Player Book
The Player Book is a full-color digital publication that includes all of the important information about the event, including course maps, course notes, and event schedule, to name a few. DDO participants typically engage with this publication each day of the event. Advertisers have continued to appreciate the exposure they get in this publication. We are happy to help with the graphic design of your Player Book advertisement.

The Player Book advertising is bundled with advertising on our audio podcasts leading up to the event and advertising on the mobile app used by event participants, volunteers, and spectators.

Player Book Advertising Rates
Quarter-page ad – $250.00
Half-page advertisement – $500.00
Full-page advertisement – $1,000.00

Audio Podcasts
Dynamic Discs produces several podcasts that disc golfers tune in to. During March and April, Player Book advertisers will also receive audio advertising spots in these podcasts.

  • Quarter-page caddy book advertisers do not receive an audio podcast advertisement.
  • Half-page caddy book advertisers will receive one 15-second audio ad in either a March or April podcast. These podcasts are downloadable and have a shelf life that will extend past the actual event.
  • Full-page caddy book advertisers will receive one 15-second audio ad in either a March or April podcast. These podcasts are downloadable and have a shelf life that will extend past the actual event. Full page caddy book advertisers will also be identified as a presenting sponsor for a portion of a podcast in either March or April.
  • The ads are 15 seconds long. Dynamic Discs will produce these ads for you!

DDO Mobile App
As a Player Book advertiser, your business will be featured on the Dynamic Discs Open mobile app for both Apple and Android phones, listed on the 2021 DDO website, and be included on email campaigns sent to all event participants.

Proud Sponsor Support
Perhaps, the exposure in our Player Book is not what you are looking for. If you want to provide financial support for the event, we have a $100, $250, and $500 event supporter level. A $100 donation to the event gets you a “Proud Sponsor” poster that you can hang at your business. A $250 sponsorship level includes the poster and recognition as a DDO Bonfire sponsor in our print and radio promotion of the event. A $500 donation gets you the poster and a “Proud Sponsor” tee sign at each course used in the event (9 signs).

Our deadline for Player Book Advertising is March 1st.

Please contact Doug Bjerkaas at doug@dynamicdiscs.com or at 620-208-9259 for more information.

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